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PVI features several reflective and non-reflective films designed primarily for automobiles, with visible light transmissions ranging from 70% to only 5%. PVI auto films creates a very classy 'factory tint' look at a fraction of the cost. They also improve driving comfort by minimizing eye-straining sun glare, while protecting the interior upholstery from fading.

In situations where conventional window tinting is prohibited by local laws, our new Heat Shield SR 70 Clear or Heat Shield SR 60 Green is the ideal solution. These high-tech, new age films have a visible light transmission of up to 73% and are nearly invisible, yet block out more than half of the solar energy and over 99% of the ultraviolet radiation.

PVI's aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive system is excellent for automotive installations. Our films are very easy to work with, offering 'manageability' and a quick set-up time, even on difficult compound curves. PVI window film is built for maximum performance and durability to withstand the extreme temperatures and vast amounts of direct sun exposure that automobiles receive on a daily basis.

SR™ Scratch Resistant Film

All PVI window film is available with SR scratch/abrasion resistant hard coat. This special ultra-clear treatment helps to protect and preserve the original appearance of the film, particularly in situations in which the material might be subjected to above normal abuse, such as in public places, automobiles, or in homes with small children or pets.

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