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The worldwide demand for PVI solar control window films has increased dramatically. Many architects and engineers are now specifying solar film rather than tinted or reflective glass for reducing undesired heat gains and losses through windows. Applying PVI solar films to existing glass has proven to be a very economical solution for controlling this expensive energy flow.

PVI window film reflects a high percentage of the solar heat directly back through the glass, significantly lowering inside temperatures. Personal comfort and worker productivity are increased while air conditioning costs are decreased. PVI solar control window eliminates/minimizes air conditioning needs and helps to promote the longevity and use of smaller, more economically operated air conditioning equipment.

Why pay the exorbitantly high initial and replacement costs of heat reflective glass, when PVI solar control film can easily convert ordinary clear glass into 'solar glass'?

PVI window film makes energy conservation very stylish and affordable... an excellent investment now and for the future.

Display Windows

PVI also offers films that are excellent for store front windows that need both sun protection and good two-way visibility for allowing displays to be seen. PVI films protect display merchandise from sun damage and in doing so, also reduce the frequency that the displays must be changed. Our new Heat Shield SR 70 Clear or Heat Shield SR 60 Green are outstanding for these situations.

In addition to the major economic benefits, there are several other important reasons to use PVI solar control window film. In residential applications, PVI window film creates a very attractive 'custom' decorative touch to both the interior and exterior. Plus, all rooms feel more 'livable' and spacious because harsh sun glare is neutralized without sacrificing the view. Many PVI films also create daytime privacy - insiders can see out, but outsiders cannot see in. However, if you would like to maintain a clear view 24 hours a day, but still want heat and fade protection, we recommend our new Heat Shield SR 70 Clear or Heat Shield SR 60 Green films.

PVI window films are all produced using weatherable base material with special ultraviolet inhibitors that protect carpets, draperies and all other furnishings from fading/sun damage by screening out 99% of the harmful UV radiation.

Decorative Privacy Film

In addition to our wide selection of "See-Thru" or transparent window films, PVI also offers Decco Matte™, an assortment of decorative films that create total privacy. Decco Matte™ is available in several colors and light transmissions ranging from 70% to less than 1%.

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