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PLASTIC-VIEW ATC, INC. offers the widest selection of "see-thru" window shade materials in the industry; over 20 standard running line colors, including embossed materials as well. Plus, a variety of SheerWeave fabrics.

Also available solar control window film for automobiles, commercial, residential and security applications.

PLASTIC-VIEW "see-thru" solar control window shades are designed to:

  • Reject up to 94.9% of the total solar energy
  • Create daytime privacy
  • Reduce eye straining glare while maintaining the full view out
  • Stop 99% of the harmful fade-causing ultraviolet rays, protecting all interior furnishings from sun damage
  • Retain interior heat, similar to a second pane of glass
  • Reduce air conditioning costs
  • Improve living and working environmental conditions

PLASTIC-VIEW "see-thru" solar control window shades are ideally suited for:

  • Airport control towers
  • Computer rooms
  • Office buildings
  • Storefronts
  • Homes
  • Hotels
  • View windows
  • Display windows
  • Marine vessels
  • Apartments
  • RVs
  • Gate guard stations
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