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In addition to our wide selection of solar control window films and installation accessories, PVI also offers the largest selection of "See-Thru" or transparent window shade/blind materials in the industry.

PVI window shade materials are available in a variety of reflective, sputter coated and non-reflective constructions with visible light transmissions (VLT) ranging from 82.8% down to just 1.7%.

Computer Rooms

PVI Duplex Low VLT materials are ideally suited for any office or home with computers. These special high efficiency materials are excellent for substantially reducing heat and eye straining glare from computer screens.

Embossed Films

All PVI shade materials are available embossed. The embossing process adds a distinctive design touch that enhances the aesthetic appearance of our films without sacrificing any performance benefits. Our Triplex shade materials are offered embossed as standard products. All other non-SR PVI shade materials are available embossed on a custom basis. Please contact PVI for further information.

Scratch Resistant Materials

Triplex SR Low VLT and Smoke 5 SR are available with a special scratch resistant hard coat as a standard feature. The SR coating helps to protect and preserve the original appearance of the material from daily wear. All other non-embossed PVI shade materials are available with SR coating on a custom basis.

Please contact PVI for full specifications.

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