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PVI security films are designed to make ordinary plate glass windows virtually shatterproof, actually exceeding the ANSI standard Z97.1 for adhesion and tensile strength.

PVI security films are a very economical insurance policy against most forms of glass related injuries, from simple accidents to acts of vandalism or terrorists, factory explosions or even natural disasters, such as severe storms or earthquakes.

PVI security films are also a strong deterrent to illegal entry and almost eliminate the common 'smash and grab' type of theft.

PVI security films are available in several constructions:





Clear Guard SR Non-Reflective Clear  2, 4, 7
EP Clear Guard SR Non-Reflective Clear 4
Double Guard SR Non-Reflective Clear 11
Triple Guard SR Non-Reflective Clear 12, 15
Color Guard SR Non-Reflective Charcoal Medium  4
Non-Reflective Charcoal Lite 4
Solar Secure SR      
Visions Reflective Dark, Medium 6
Visions   Reflective Medium, Lite  10 
Silver  Reflective Dark  4, 9 
Titan Reflective Medium, Lite 5, 9

PVI security film does not prevent glass breakage, nor is any film bulletproof; however, by holding the glass in place, PVI security film greatly reduces the hazard of flying glass and the cleanup task that follows.

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