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NEW!!! Heat Shield SR 70 Clear and Heat Shield SR 60 Green - PVI's remarkable new multi-layer, sputter coated films that have a high visible light transmission of up to 73%, yet dramatically reduce infrared energy and over 99% of the ultraviolet radiation.

Heat Shield SR 70 Clear and 60 Green are ideally suited for automobiles in situations where conventional window film may be prohibited. These films are also highly recommended for view windows and display windows, combining maximum two-way visibility with excellent protection from sun damage to merchandise.

Heat Shield SR will preserve a clear view while providing excellent protection to all interior furnishings from sun damage and reducing undesired solar heat gain.

PVI Super Series solar control window film is produced by a metallizing technique called "sputtering." The main advantage of sputter coated film is that, while similar in energy to conventional film, they allow more visible light to enter, reducing the 'room darkening' effect that many films have.

Other Super Series advantages include:

  • the ability to economically use premium metals that do not oxidize
  • a reduced 'mirror effect'
  • produced without dyes or pigments, therefore reduced fading and banding
  • unsurpassed optical clarity

Sputtering is a metallizing process whereby a "target" metal is literally atomically bombarded with positive ions, breaking down the target, which is negatively charged, atom by atom. The "excited" atoms are then collected and evenly distributed onto ultra-clear polyester, which is the base material in all PVI window film.

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